The 25th Hour

1. The Chosen One
2. Abubbuhkah
3. Fadeamantis
4. Elden
5. Apparition
6. Sludge Me
7. Isosceles Triangulist
8. Attack of the Zombabies

Instrumental bands are often iffy for me. The ones I often find more enthusing lie on the mellow side, like Animals as Leaders or Scale The Summit. These bands are great and they definitely bring the prog, but they don’t always bring the heavy. Where are the huge riffs in the genre? Well, that’s where The 25th Hour come in.

The 25th Hour is a three-piece instrumental metal band from San Diego, California. You see, where Scale The Summit write songs invoking images of beautiful landscapes, The 25th Hour write songs sounding slightly more sinister, at times sounding like death and thrash metal-influenced prog-freakouts. The guys in The 25th Hour pull this off well without having to resort to too much showing off, with their debut album Monsters feeling like a piece of art in the grand scheme of things rather than a wank fest. Yes, the crazy solos exist, but they fit in well where they lie and what good is prog without a little guitar wank? Breakdowns fit in just fine as well, offering a change in scenery and keeping the listener interested and gives a bit of breathing room.

The production on Monsters is tight and spotless, which speaks volumes on a band that likes to do things independently. Each instrument fills in its space in the mix whilst standing out, especially the bass. Where a lot of bands mix out the bass, the bass lines here pop out from underneath the noodling guitars, providing a crunchy foundation contributing to a very big and meaty sound. I could do without the tone of the triggered kick drums, but I suppose it saves them from being inaudible or muddy.

Overall, Monsters is a very strong debut for The 25th Hour, who will no doubt grow to make a name for themselves in progressive metal circles. This is a definite listen for those who are into progressive instrumental bands. This sounds like Revocation doing Scale The Summit covers, and I meant that in the best possible way.

The 25th Hour – Monsters gets


– JR

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