If you remember that not too long ago, I mentioned a new song from metalcore young guns, This Or The Apocalypse. After being somewhat disappointed, I waited for more releases to be made before making a true verdict. Later, they unleashed “Lamnidae” exclusively on Revolver Magazine’s website. While not being overly impressed, I enjoyed it and it renewed my interest in the upcoming full length.

Today, the band released their third new song, “Subverse” on their Myspace and I won’t lie to you, I think it KILLS. As a critic, guitarist, and general music fan, “Subverse” is what I believe melodic metalcore should generally sound like. It has riffs out the arsehole, engaging yet comprehensible polyrhythmic  shifts, and sophisticated yet catchy melodies. Now with that said, I’m not hailing the band as a grand front runner in a sort of metalcore movement. While being good at what they do, metalcore is still metalcore so understand that going in. To me, the band simply exemplifies what I think good metalcore is: layered, technical, catchy, and simply fun.

I am absolutely looking forward to hearing  This Or The Apocalypse’s new record, Haunt What’s Left which is being released June 22nd on Good Fight Music.

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