You want a brain teaser? Take a peek at the picture below of the band Black Veil Brides.

one girl

I literally spent about a half an hour staring at the photo trying to find the girl. I still honestly don’t believe that there is only one girl in the photo. Yes, you heard me correctly, there is only one girl in this photo! I don’t fully understand the whole scene look that the kids are digging as of late but this is just too far. Even when I looked at Poison for the first time, I knew every single one of them were dudes. This, I still don’t believe! I even got my niece who is in the third grade next year, my mother who grew up when Zeppelin still toured, and my brother who’s favorite band when he was into metal was Drangonforce, and all of us agree there has to be at least two girls in this band, if not three.

I did some research on the band and each individual member and the one that is second from the right is a… dude. I know, I still can’t believe it. But that’s not what tripped my trigger on this photo. The one of the far left, who looks like a girl in my tenth grade French class, is a male!!!! Quoi? With that knowledge you can pretty much guess that the girl is the one with the sunglasses but I still don’t believe it. I haven’t done any drugs ever in my life so I know my mind isn’t playing tricks on me but com’ on! Which did you think was a girl?


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