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Sorry if you guys have missed me for the past three weeks. I’m a busy man with busy plans. But school has finally finished for me so that means this summer is finally free for me. I have a little planned but not so much. I will be gone on the second to last week of June and then the first week of August but otherwise I am pretty much free. I’m not planning on going to many shows if any, which sucks. That was my summer’s resolution originally because I usually go to two or three a summer so I was planning on going to four or five this summer but with neither the Scream the Prayer tour or the Summer Slaughter tour coming within a five hour drive, I’m not going to many shows if any. I might go see Every Time I Die (who was the first band I ever saw live so it would awesome to have some nostalgia), Norma Jean (who I love all of their material and don’t get why people hate the newer stuff even though it’s different from the old stuff), and Cancer Bats(who are just a fun time). Otherwise, maybe see some indie music by seeing Thao with The Get Down Stay Down at a restaurant that’s about 45 minutes away but otherwise I probably won’t be going to that many concerts.

And so, since that summer resolution is shot, I must find another one. I found that exactly in a little music project I am doing with a person, possibly two, that you know very well. I won’t shed much light on it now for the sake of our sanity because I know once you all find out we are starting a music project, you will start to stalk us and sleep outside our windows and dive in our dumpsters, which I just can’t have right now. Remember, I’m a busy man with busy plans.

But back to the new summer resolution. Basically, this new project is going to be ambient/trance/shoegaze black metal style and so I have decided that my new summer’s resolution is to listen to more black metal. Black metal has always been the one sub-genre or metal I have never been into that much. It always seemed like a style of music I should listen to but it just never clicked for me. So, my summer’s resolution is to find some awesome black metal bands that I like and will start to listen to and follow. But see, there is a problem. I honestly have no idea where to start and I know that there are readers on here and other people who know exactly where to place me so I was just thinking about giving you readers the assignment of giving me suggestions to a bunch of black metal bands to try out.

But you must first know what I listen to now and so I will give you guys a foothold to start from. The current black metal or black metal-ish bands that I listen too are Wolves in the Throne Room, Alcest, Immortal, and Cormorant (which I don’t really consider black metal by any means but they have their moments). So from that, I hope that you guys can find some bands that fit my mold and if not, give me some bands that are the complete opposite that I might like. I will try all. Thanks guys, I can’t wait to see what you come up with.


P.S. I would like it if none of the bands you suggest have direct Satanism influence or anti-Christian influence. I understand this is hard to come by in black metal but I know there are bands out there that don’t have this. If you are wondering what I mean by “direct Satanism influence or anti-Christian influence”, think about it this way. If there are pentagrams all of their MySpace and they have a song about hating God and how Christ never existed, don’t recommend them. If the guy screams about Satan but I honestly have no idea what he is saying without the lyrics in front of me, go ahead. Use basic and logical discretion basically.


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