Addicts: Black Meddle Pt. II

01. Cry For Help
02. High on Hate
03. Nightfall
04. No Funeral
05. Then Fires
06. Addicts
07. The End Is Eternal
08. Blood Trance Fusion
09. Ruined Life Continuum
10. Every Last Drop

I’ve never really been into real black metal, but the genre of post-black metal intrigues me. Beautiful ambient and shoegaze influence juxtaposed against the chaos of black metal made something different to me, and I enjoyed it. While I don’t see myself actively listening to and enjoying a lot of black metal outside of the occasional Emperor song, Nachtmystium are a strong middle point in the post-black/black metal spectrum of things, utilizing psychedelic influences and an experimental mindset. Nachtmystium are not your run of the mill black metal band, and Addicts will more that likely divide a lot of people in the black metal scene, which has its obsessions with remaining true to the genre.

For example, on the song “Nightfall,” Nachtmystium takes on a very catchy blackened punk sound with clean backing vocals and a classic rock bluesy solo, “No Funeral” takes a synth line and a dance beat and runs with it, and as Scott from Hook In Mouth put it, “Addicts” kind of sounds like a Foo Fighters song. This album confidently melds classic 70’s rock and roll, black metal, and hints of industrial to create something that’s actually kind of catchy. Some will say that black metal isn’t supposed to be catchy, but Nachtmystium makes it work well.

It’s obvious that this album would be different than Assassins, and despite the Part II suffix, this is an entirely different album and a logical progression, perhaps losing a tiny bit of their black metal sound along the way. This is a great follow-up to Assassins, and while it may find its place more comfortably in the ears of hipsters and casual listeners than in the ears of the so-called true and cult, this album stands up to be pretty great.

Nachtmystium – Addicts: Black Meddle Part II gets


– JR


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