Today, while you’re outside grilling or whatever it is that people do on Memorial Day besides honoring, remembering, and respecting the troops (God bless ’em!), you can have a neat soundtrack in the way of free music samplers via Relapse and Victory Metal. Check them out below.


Victory Metal Sampler

1. Sister Sin – Outrage*
2. Pathology – Code Injection
3. Beneath The Sky – Terror Starts At Home
4. Destrophy – Rise Of The Overman
5. Otep – Run For Cover
6. Taproot – Game Over
7. Emmure – I Thought You Met Telly…
8. Carnifex – Hell Chose Me
9. Corpus Christi – Blood In The Water*
10. All Out War – Apathetic Genocide
11. Within The Ruins – Tractor Pull
12. A Hero A Fake – Elk River Falls
13. Bury Your Dead – Lion’s Den
14. Before There Was Rosalyn – The Warrior
15. The Autumn Offering – Bleed Together
16. Wretched – Cimmerian Shamballa*
17. Grave Maker – Hell Followed
18. Between The Buried And Me – Obfuscation
19. Ill Nino – My Prison*

* = Previously unreleased


Enjoy all the free music and your day off!

– JR

Relapse Records Sampler

16 – Trigger Happy
Abysmal Dawn – Walk The Path Of Fire
Agenda Of Swine – Eradication of the Seeds…
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Moral Distortion
Baroness – Jake Leg
Black Anvil – Margin of Terror
Black Tusk – Embrace The Madness
Brian Posehn – iTunes
Brutal Truth – Get a Therapist…
Buried Inside – V
Burnt By The Sun – Inner Station
Cephalic Carnage – Endless Cycle of Violence
Coalesce – Wild Ox Moan
Culted – Social Control
Dying Fetus – Your Treachery Will Die…
Genghis Tron – Things Don’t Look Good*
Graves of Valor – Locusta
Hero Destroyed – Cause For Cancer
Horseback – The Invisible Mountain
Howl – Heavenless
Inevitable End – The Severed Inception
Kill The Client – False Flag Attack
Man Must Die – Gainsayer
Minsk – Three Moons
Misery Index – Ghosts of Catalonia
Mose Giganticus – The Left Path
Mumakil – Wish You The Worst
Obscura – Universe Momentum
Revocation – Dismantle The Dictator*
Rotten Sound – Mindkill
Rwake – Leviticus
Tombs – Merrimack
Toxic Holocaust – Nuke The Cross*
Voivod – Global Warming

*= Music Video


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