Before I even get to Cruel Hand, I feel the need to address something. I’ve followed HBIH for several months before even starting to write here and I’ve made a pretty major observation. There is a GREAT lack of hardcore coverage here which is shameful seeing that the site is called Heavy Blog Is Heavy and there isn’t much being spoken about what’s going on in the hardcore scene. After all, not all heavy music is metal and half of the spectrum is practically being left out here.

Getting back to the topic at hand, a new Cruel Hand - "Lock & Key"self-titled song has been released by hardcore band, Cruel Hand. Instrumentally, the track is pretty spot on and offers a few streaks of metallic hardcore brilliance. There is one aspect however that I am a bit put off by and that is the clean vocals. I’ve never found clean vocals too at home in hardcore (a prime exception being Maximum Penalty) and it still seems to be the case with “Cruel Hand”. Despite this slight hindrance, I still look forward to hearing the two Cruel Hand releases that feature the song, those being The Cruel Hand EP which will be available  June 22nd and the new full length, Lock & Key which comes out July 27th on Bridge 9 / 6131 Records.


Now with this post, I expect a bit of ire coming from metal fans. I definitely understand their point of view, hardcore isn’t a genre based on technical prowess by any means. Hardcore is  I personally feel that judging a hardcore album on quality is a matter of looking at how well emotion is expressed, that emotion usually being anger but can vary quite often. Another defining factor of hardcore is the emphasis on lyricism. Whether they’re eloquently and artfully or straight forward vernacular, the lyrics must express it’s topic well.

With all of this said, I hope I converted a few metal heads. That’s just the price I’ll pay for dealing with the hate I get from Bridge 9 forum trolls.

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