In case some of you guys out there didn’t know, when I’m not busy with stuff over here, I also write from time to time for our bros at The Number Of The Blog. It appears that this weekend though, I’m all up in that shit. Here’s what went down:

On Friday, I joined EvilivE and DemiGodRaven again on The Number Of The Blogcast. We were short on news and it was just the three of us (with Spna15 in the chat), so the podcast ended up being the shortest so far, at just under an hour. Here was the playlist:

  1. Black Sabbath: Neon Knights
  2. Kiuas: Kiuassault
  3. Misery Index: You Lose
  4. Devin Townsend: (shhhh; it’s a surprise)
  5. Cyclamen: It’s There

Listen here: The Number Of The Blogcast (Episode 6)

I also filled in for Grover on Shitty Music Saturday. I listened to Breathe Carolina, and it wasn’t pretty.

I recently took over the Sumeriancore Sunday columns after ECDEU left. Last week, for the inaugural re-birth, I defined my idea of Sumeriancore and featured Painted In Exile. This weekend, I elaborated on my mission and featured I, Your Liege. So if you’re into bands like Veil of Maya, Born of Osiris, The Faceless, and Between The Buried And Me, there’s your place to be for new music.

So that’s what I’ve been up to this weekend. Go check some of that shit out! Thanks to the guys at The Number Of The Blog for being rad dudes and having me!

– JR

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