As does his daughter Shirley, probably.

I’m sure the Westboro Baptist Church needs no introduction. A quick search will throw up far more of their disgusting behaviour than I could list right now, but one of their methods of hate is to picket stuff. Literally, everything. Retards; like that ever works.

Never has the word ‘derp’ been more fitting

This most recent story is rather pertinent, however, and I’m sure it will induce rage in many of you,

It was a sad week this week as we lost the great Ronnie James Dio. So how have these sick arsetards seen fit to mark his passing? That’s right, they are picketing his funeral. Cunts.

Fuck it; I bet they all have tiny wangs.

But in order to placate your fury, have a look at Uncyclopedia’s article on Mr. Phelps.

And lo, lols ensued.

But seriously big guy, if you’re up there; how ’bout some o’ that righteous smiting, yeah?

– CG


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