Dreamers 2010

1. Never Ending Dream
2. Djent! Djent!
3. Forgotten Sky
*4. Princess Mononoke*

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned countless times, we here at HBIH enjoy us some Cyclamen and their blend of mathy djent and melodicism. Cyclamen’s first ever release, Dreamers, is a three song EP written, recorded, programmed, and produced by front man Hayato Imanishi. That EP was a great introduction into the band’s sound and was a sign of good things to come. Now, a year and a half later in the wake of a new full lineup and a stellar Split EP with Haunted Shores, Cyclamen are releasing a re-recorded version, featuring new guitarists Olly Steele and Nano Sigo and drumming by Sky Eats Airplane‘s Travis Orbin. The addition of these new musicians into the fold really breathes new life into these songs.

The EP opens frantically with Sikth-inspired “Never Ending Dream.” The song had some audible rework in the intro, being slightly more melodic sounding than the original (which may be due to using a different tuning). Hayato’s singing sounds better than it ever has, and the production is a bit clearer. The song calms down into spoken word over building melodicism, ending explosively.

“Djent! Djent!” is an instrumental track that explores Cyclamen’s math metal leanings, opening with, of course, a djenty polyrhythmic guitar riff. The song continues with off-time grooves and stuttering guitar riffs. Then, in typical Cyclamen fashion, the song turns into a melodic soundscape fit for a post-rock climax.

Rounding off the trio of tracks from Dreamers is “Forgotten Sky.” Much slower than its predecessors, “Forgotten Sky” focuses mostly on atmosphere, hypnotic guitar lines, and clean singing. The song flows through time gracefully, building on itself into a climactic ending, lending a soothing tail end of the EP.

The next track, “Princess Mononoke,” is sort of like a bonus track which you won’t get when you buy it off of iTunes (as the band can’t sell a cover song, legally). Instead, you can get it for free here and tack it on at the end as a bonus track. I include it because it was re-recorded along with the other tracks, and it fits in well for a fun ending. For those that don’t know, this is their take on the theme song to a critically acclaimed anime movie of the same name. They turn the slow ballad-style song into something heavier, while keeping the melody. This song is catchy, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be humming it all day after you hear it.

Overall, this EP is a solid listen, surely providing enough tide us over until their full length debut is here when coupled with their recent split EP (read our review here). Hearing the new lineup on the tracks is promising in that not only can they pull it off, but they do it with flying colors. Full length, here we come.

Cyclamen – Dreamers 2010 gets


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