Charmer“, the new song from This Or The Apocalypse was unveiled today and it’s safe to say I was looking forward to it ever since I heard the new record was being produced by Josh Wilbur and Chris Adler (who also turns out to be an avid TOTA fan).

The Verdict:

I wasn’t really impressed at first, as right away it started sounding very much like As I Lay Dying (who I have never really been fond of, even in my scene kid days). Going through the song, there were groovier sections which I quite enjoyed but overall, it was alright at best. Upon repeated listens however, it grew on me.

For those not familiar with This Or The Apocalypse, they’re an up-beat metalcore act from Lancaster, PA (home of August Burns Red, Texas In July, blah blah blah). The group is known for up-beat melodiousness, intellectual lyrics, and playing on the groovy side, all of which I feel gave the band more depth than most. Now by no means is it a bad song by any stretch of the imagination but I personally don’t think “Charmer” quite captures those concepts that well in comparison to the older material. However, I went and listened to As I Lay Dying again as a reference point; I still like This Or The Apocalypse drastically more.

Check out “Charmer” by This Or The Apocalypse for yourself on Myspace as well as on the band’s sophomore effort, Haunt What’s Left when it comes out July 22nd on Good Fight Music.

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