First up, there’s a new Whitechapel song called “Breeding Violence” streaming over at Noisecreep FOR TODAY ONLY. Tonight, they pull it, so get to hearing it while you can. It sounds just like Whitechapel, so you should know what to expect when you go romping around over there. The song is off of their upcoming album, A New Era Of Corruption, which is due out June 8th on Metal Blade Records.

– JR

Second on the agenda is A Plea For Purging and their new song “The Eternal Female,” which is off of their upcoming album The Marriage Of Heaven And Hell, out July 6th on Facedown Records. You can hear that over on their Facebook page. This is the better of the two songs, in my opinion, but I suppose that’s like saying I’d much rather stub my toe than get kicked in the balls.

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