Harvey Milk

A Small Turn of Human Kindness

1. *
2. I Just Want To Go Home
3. I Am Sick of All This Too
4. I Know This Is No Place For You
5. I Alone Got Up and Left
6. I Know This Is All My Fault
7. I Did Not Call Out

Usually I listen to an album while reviewing it, but never have I described my thoughts exactly as they come out, and limited my thoughts to the space of each song and the album length. So I’m gonna do that shit right now and see how it goes.

1st Track (   ) –  The opening guitar riff is what I’d call, Star Spangled Satan. It’s an interesting opening to such an album, that’s for sure. The band punches in a couple times, but it’s mostly the guitar riffing. The band finally finds a permanent position in the mix, really picking up some atmosphere. It’s surely doomy, but the song doesn’t contain that familiar bleak, and downtrodden atmosphere that usually comes with the genre. The riffing soon gets heavier, creating a harsh outro to the song.

2nd Track ( I Just Want to Go Home )  –  Sludgy bass punches in, droning on a bit, rumbling off through the speakers. The whole band enters again, and the guitar line squeals some feedback, and throws out a couple riffs before we get to some very Melvins-esque drum and bass doom. The vocalist finally makes an appearance, bleating his heart out against the terrifying background music helping solidify the song’s atmosphere. This drones on for a while, before the guitar’s feedback enters again, creating a noisy sound scape ready to defile anyone’s mind.

3rd Track ( I’m Sick of All This Too )  –  The band finally makes an appearance as a whole in the opening of a song. The riff is weird, and oddly timed. It’s pretty cool. The vocalist opens up to croon, and drones it on a bit, making it last. He has a great voice, it really conveys emotion on this album and definitely this song. The feeling this song builds up is soon over.

4th Track ( I Know This is No Place For You )  –  Another weird an interesting riff opens this track up. So far it feels a bit different that the previous tracks, but of course keeps that Harvey Milk character. The song builds up a bit, and then hits a short lived melodic section before more dark riffs enter. The song keeps up it’s feeling, and enters another melodic section with an acoustic put low in the mix. This is pretty interesting as far as structure goes. The guitar tone on this is just wicked. It has a lot of attack like a dry signal, but sounds muddy at the same time.

5th Track ( I Alone Got Up and Left )  –  A Long and slow drum intro? Melvins get. As the vocals kick in, before the bass and guitars do, it reassures the huge (and not surprising) Melvins influence. By this time, the feel of the album as set in even as it varies in speed. I believe at this point there’s nothing more I can say about how it feels as I should have already covered that. A really cool whining lead shoves its way into the music, and when it’s over everything stops, taking a break to pick back up again.

Overall – I believe I have said what needs to be said on a track to track basis, so he’s the culmination of what I’ve thought so far. The album is a very slow and depressing sludge album with moments that burst from the blue, only to turn black again. It contains a strict atmosphere and it holds that up well which is what this side of metal is all about. It fits snug in Harvey Milk’s catalog of releases.

I don’t think I liked doing a review like this, but tell me what you think.

Harvey Milk – A Small Turn of Human Kindness gets…




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