There’s been a movement in heavy music going on recently that anybody paying attention has already noticed and for lack of a better term, we’re going to call it the “Djent Movement”.
We see this in a rise of math metal bands getting signed and/or publicly recognized, those of which include: Periphery, Monuments, Chimp Spanner, Tre Watson‘s solo endeavor, among many others. One band I feel that isn’t getting the hype they deserve would be ROOKS, out of Northbrook, Illinois.

Now everyone knows that the djent genre is dominated by technically above average musicians and one man band prodigies. This is not quite the case with ROOKS. Rather than focusing purely on technical riffs and mind-boggling polyrhythms, ROOKS find their niche in combining the classic djent sound with the attitude driven riffs and aggressive delivery of hardcore (I’m talking about the real Hardcore that came from punk you doofus). It is this volatile melody that I feel makes this band stick out from the pack. Another noteworthy attribute of the band is it’s line up. Featuring an ex-Oceano guitarist (Jeremy is the cool one, not like the lame drama spreading one), an ex-Convoy! vocalist, and I think one or two ex-Monsters members, the band is practically a dream team of sorts.

Below is a few tracks from their + x – (Addition By Subtraction) EP that you can get from ITunes or just pirate off the internet as the band has said themselves that they’re not trying to get rich. Also check out the band on
Myspace and Facebook.

ROOKS – Truth

ROOKS – 10:1

– JB


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