We here at HBIH have always been fans of Cyclamen, so I’m stoked to announce that Cyclamen have re-recorded 2009’s Dreamers EP with the new members, featuring drumming from Sky Eats Airplane’s Travis Orbin.

Here’s what Cyclamen frontman Hayato Imanishi had to say:

“We’ve got new release coming for you before we hide away for few months preparing the album! Dreamers 2010“, re-recorded tracks of our 2009 release featuring our new guitarists and Travis Orbin (Sky Eats Airplane) guesting on drums will be available on iTunes exclusive from 07/07/2010.
BUT for those who keep close eyes on Cyclamen, we are offering something better:
Head to our new website and you will be able to buy “Dreamers 2010” in advance, also at the price you want! We are asking for you to “donate” to us through Paypal, and you will get the link to download these tracks in return!
This offer lasts only until iTunes release date so be sure to grab then while you can! Also, from our website you will be able to download/listen/view our music/tabs/videos much easier than our old archive!”
So, you can go here to listen to the EP and offer as much as you want in return! Expect our review in the next week or so.
– JR

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