Chances are, he has more talent at 17 than you do at 25.

I love this era of “do it yourself” metal. Anyone with passion and drive can create an album and put it online for the masses to digest. Sure, you get a lot of amateurish shit, but we tend to weed through and pick out the gems. Metal, in particular, is getting a great surge of sound in the home-spun “djent” department, what with Cloudkicker, Keith Merrow, Bulb/Periphery, Chimp Spanner, Tre Watson (whose album you can pick up here at HBIH), and the like.

In that regard, I got an email from one Andrew Reynolds (not the pro skater) concerning his one-man project Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors. Andrews a young gun, recently turning 17 in April. His music fits right in alongside in the djent sound, but in the same vein as Cloudkicker, Andrew throws in a twist of atmospheric post-rock and shoegaze from time to time, particularly on his EP, A Particularly Beautiful Day. He also has a full length album called An Insomniac’s Narrative, which features vocals on some tracks!

Just like the norm in this DIY genre, this shit’s free. Get your double-take of free music, courtesy of Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors. This may very well be my favorite music submission we’ve gotten so far. Thanks, Andrew!

– JR

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