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This one is going to be short simply because I have a lot to do between now (4:49) and 6:00 so I’m going to get to the point and move on. This week I downloaded the new Deftones record, Diamond Eyes, and let me tell you, it rips. It is completely blowing my mind. I downloaded it in Wednesday and the only other thing I have listened to is Hypno5e, and that was only to show a friend that there is death metal in France. This record is definitely going to be high on my list at the end of this year.

Why tell you guys this? I used to HATE Deftones. I have always thought of them as pointless nu metal but this record has really opened my eyes and this weekend, if I find the time, I will be downloading Around the Fur and White Pony as well. This is a testimony that sometimes we should give music, and sometimes people, a second chance. They might just make up for it. So to give a band a second chance, I listened to a new song off Suicide Silence’s newest release. Nope; still sucks. NOTE: This only works 57% of the time with music. The human statistic still hasn’t been found out.

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