It’s amazing the extra attention you’ll pay to something when two names connect.

My interest in Will Haven has always been passing; I have the EP, and it’s good, but I never connected with it in a big way.

Anyway, just announced on The PRP – they’re entering the studio next week, and on one track in particular they’ll be working with Tristan Mocquet of My Own Private Alaska. Jimmy posted about thes guys a while back; they’re a French hardcore band with a twist; vocals, piano and drums only. It’s an odd mix to be sure – from what I’ve heard they’re like a hardcore crossover of Muse and Placebo, and have the potential to be my new favourite thing of the week ever if I can get round to tracking their album down – but this should produce some interesting results for sure.

The video for their track After You is a visual feast too. Sweet deal.

– CG

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