Trolls on blabbermouth will always be grabbing at straws when it comes to insulting Limp Bizkit, with one commenter saying:

Art? Very shitty artwork, poor details, student-level visuals, no character at all.

Despite the fact that the level of detail was intended and everything looks the way it should (as I’m sure LB have enough money to get the artwork they want), he’s missing the whole definition of “art.” It is subjective, and in this style everything just kinda works. But then again, another point of art is that, in its subjectivity, you’re supposed to formulate an opinion on it and come up with your own impression of it–and his is that it’s shitty.

I, however, think it’s pretty cool. Of course, judging an album by its artwork is ridiculous, but we know what it’s going to sound like. It’s Limp Bizkit after all–rapping over some heavy riffs.

Gold Cobra is due out this summer.

– JR


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