Ever since I included a contact page with an email for bands and labels to get in touch with us, I’ve been getting a few music submissions each week. Some good, some okay. Honestly, I’ve never had anything terrible come across my inbox–and I hope to God it never happens, as I hate being a jerk to people and I don’t want to ruin any sort of credibility I may have by glorifying something I think is terrible. I could never do a post belittling a small band that sent me a request; I leave that to larger, more professional bands signed to labels that have less of a chance of seeing this shit. At most I just ignore it if I don’t care enough or if I feel that it doesn’t fit in with what I’d call “heavy.”

But sadly this exclusion also caused submissions by good bands that don’t exactly fall in a genre of metal that I liked to be ignored. I also don’t have time to review (and sometimes listen) all of these albums in full. So, last night I said “Fuck it,” and went through the submissions and will post some here for you in a column. For the first incarnation of Hits From The Inbox, I present to you…


Geronimo! is a three piece experimental/prog rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their lineup includes drums, guitar, and keys, building up a sound that strays into post-rock atmospheres, experimental noise, punk rock melodies, classic rock and metal inspired riffs, and everywhere in between. Their unpredictable sound is akin to later Faith No More, in that they pull inspiration from all over the place. Not to say they sound like FNM, mind you, but that same attitude of experimenting with different rock genres and styles is present here.

When listening to their debut album Fuzzy Dreams, it was as if I was listening to Jethro Tull one minute and The Flaming Lips the next. I admire bands that avoid being pigeon-holed, and Geronimo certainly do a good job at it. And besides, look at that picture, you know those guys have to be fun as shit (oh dear God, that pun was not intended.)

Here’s a song from their album, “Battery Acid Moustache“. By the end, shit actually gets pretty frantic and heavy.

Geronimo! – Battery Acid Moustache

If you liked that, check the guys out on MySpace.

– JR

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