Stone Sour are in the studio right now doing finishing touches on their upcoming album and have settled on Audio Secrecy as the effort’s title. Cory Taylor says that this is more or less the definitive Stone Sour album, saying:

‘Audio Secrecy’ is the summation of everything we want, everything we crave and everything we fight for. The dimensions go further than anything we’ve ever tried before. It’s metal, rock, slow, soft, hard, fast, bitter, beautiful and most importantly, it’s REAL. You can’t get an album like this out of a band that doesn’t exist. We’re throwing caution out the damn window.”

So, let’s start wild speculation now. I’m ignoring everything Cory says about the album and assuming it’s full of radio hits like “Through Glass,” “Bother,” and “Sillyworld.” The really heavy songs will be few and far between. I mean, if you look at history, nine times out of ten, a band gets softer with each release. And I’m sure the other guys in Stone Sour that aren’t also in Slipknot enjoyed some of that extra “Through Glass” money. So, it’s inevitable. But hey, if I’m proven wrong on this, then I’ll eat my delicious words and will be pleasantly surprised. However, at this stage in their career, I don’t see them going balls-out heavy on here. My prediction: Audio Secrecy will be a decent rock album.

Find out if I hit the nail on the head or miss the mark and smash my thumb late this summer when it drops (or mid-summer whenever it leaks).

– JR

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