Best Friends Forever?

For the past couple of weeks, there were talks of a Limp Bizkit and Snoop Dogg tour. I didn’t cover it, but at the time I didn’t really give a shit. But today, however, I’ve been on a roll with doing a post an hour since 9 and this news story got a chuckle out of me:

The PRP reports that Snoop Dogg has dropped off of the Snoop/Bizkit tour. No official announcement has been made, other that a mention on Fred Durst‘s Twitter and no one knows why he isn’t on the tour anymore, but I can only assume it is because Snoop realized that if he wants to be taken seriously as a rapper (lawl), then he probably shouldn’t tour with Limp Bizkit. But hell, for all I know, Snoop might have a legitimate reason (as if that weren’t legitimate enough). But if he has another tour lined up around the same time this tour was supposed to take off, then we’ll know that Snoop’s just a hater (and a pussie).

In other news, Limp Bizkit is going to be on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show on May 11th to perform their cover of George Michael‘s “Faith“, which was apparently requested by the show. So it looks like no one else wants some new Limp Bizkit? Not surprised. It was either that or their upcoming single “Douchebag,” which I’m sure is filled with enough cursing that it would just be instrumental. What an improvement that could have been…

– JR

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