The Crinn
Dreaming Saturn

1. Incipience
2. Meat Eating Machines
3. Anaphylatic Shock
4. Cathartic Insurrection
5. Voluptuous Eruptions
6. Magnetic Magician
7. Syzygy
8. Lucid Dream Field
9. Down, In Waves

Those in the know have been waiting for The Crinn’s full length debut album for a couple of years now. It was three years ago since they released an EP, and in that three years they’ve been honing their sound and working towards perfection. This time between releases certainly shows the growth they’ve done as musicians, moving from Psyopus soundalikes to their own psychedelic blend of jazz-influenced technical metal. Dreaming Saturn sees much improved songwriting structure and a new sense of melody infused with all the chaos, and it is an album that prog, tech, and math metal lovers will surely enjoy.

To truly appreciate The Crinn, you have to pretty much be initiated into the chaotic genre of mathcore. If you can listen to The Dillinger Escape Plan and Psyopus and not be annoyed and not get a headache, then you’re on the right track. This genre is an acquired taste, and it isn’t for everyone. Time signatures are destroyed, tempos are fluctuated, and guitars and bass screech and weedle around with much technical prowess and chaos. As I’ve said before, with this new album, The Crinn have a growing knack of melody and progression, and The Crinn do good by trying to mend the chaos and melody into something that’s both listenable and challenging. It will take multiple listens for this piece of work to sink in, and when it does, you’ll be mesmerized.

Dreaming Saturn is a bit of a concept album, with the lyrics and frantic-yet-atmospheric soundscapes evoking deep space imagery, as illustrated in the album’s very fitting artwork. The songs follow an intended circular path, with the album’s energy and momentum moving into following songs, making the album flow as one piece of music. And within this circle, the songs become organic bodies within themselves, with moving actions leading to climaxes here and there throughout the album.

And as such, The Crinn shine most during the longer tracks like “Anaphylactic Shock” and “Voluptuous Eruptions,” when letting their progressive tendencies take full form and allowing lush environments to build. The average-length tracks do this as well, to a lesser extent. The trio of ending tracks “Syzygy”, “Lucid Dream Field”, and the instrumental track “Down, In Waves” flow together for a strong conclusion point on the album and provide some of the strongest moments in the album. I can practically see credits rolling in the final moments of “Down, In Waves” when the spiraling instruments fade out into a dark and ominous atmosphere.

Dreaming Saturn shows that The Crinn are definitely on to something here. If we’ve seen this much growth since their last EP, there’s no telling how they’ll improve for the next release. If they continue to hone their craft and progress a bit further, they’ll become big names in tech metal.

The Crinn – Dreaming Saturn gets


– JR

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