I’m not a fan of Soulfly. Or Cavalera Conspiracy. Or Sepultura for that matter. I never really cared much to try any of Max Cavalera‘s projects on a full album scale. Maybe I should? We’ll see, as I’d need an excuse. I suppose Soulfly’s awesome new single “Rise of the Fallen,” which comes off of their upcoming album Omen, is a pretty convenient excuse.

The video (above) features some performance footage with Greg Puciato doing guest vocals via some screens in the venue that Soulfly are playing in. The song itself is okay, but what really makes the song great is Greg’s vocal delivery. He’s raw and powerful where Max is just kinda growling along and being generally uninteresting. And what makes the video great is Greg’s screaming up on the screen and the urgent video editing get me pumped.

If the rest of the album is this good, I’ll be surprised. I don’t really mean to knock Soulfly, it’s just that for me, Greg Puciato makes the song worthwhile–but we’ll see. Omen comes out May 25th.

– JR

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