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This is my new series of posts as of now as seeing that I wanted a new post. The last series was very random with posting and so this one will hopefully be weekly and consistent. Also, this one has less to do with anything but metal, but will actually deal with metal. So, enjoy!

Yes, welcome to the first post of ECDEU’s Murmur! If you know anything about anything, you know that Cynic is the best thing around right now (or at least that’s what I have been digging on for the past few weeks). If you know that Cynic is the best thing around right now, then you should know the song “Adam’s Murmur”, which by now, I would hope, that you have guessed to be the source for this series’ title. But other than having the common sense to love Cynic, why else name my series after that wonderful song? Well, this starts from a few weeks ago.

At, they have been posting a series called Metta Mind Journal, written by the lead singer and guitar player of Cynic, Paul Masvidal. These posts have been amazing. They are truly stepping beyond the normal blog post and stepping into the next genre of writing called novelism (which I totally just made up for the sake of flow). I honestly feel like if he just wrote a book of these little posts, the book would fly off of the shelves. I know I would buy a copy. I actually commented on one of his posts saying that he should write a book and sub-comments reveal that other Metalsuckers believe the same way I do.

Now, it might seem like all I am doing is licking the feet of Mr. Masvidal, and if you thought this, you would be right! This leads me into what this is about: Bromances. The word was once created to show the deep relationship between two men and was only used in cliques in Southern California but now it is starting to spread. Now, let alone can it be a strong relationship between two men but now it has grown to include men who just feel greatly about another man. The latter is the bromance that we all, even other writers here at Heavy Blog is Heavy, experience on a daily basis.

I am very open about my bromances. I have a couple bromances actually; all of them dealing with musicians so maybe the rock stars are my type? One, of course, is Paul Masvidal of Cynic. Another is Brent Hinds of Mastodon and the final one I will mention is Ben Weinman of the Dillinger Escape Plan. I know of a few others that are usually hotspots for man lovin’. Mike Patton has more bromances than he probably knows. Dave Mustaine is like that hot chick in school that is a total douche but just because she is hot, she continues to get guy after guy. Joe Duplantier practically has the whole Metalsucks writing staff petting his ball sack.

Why mention this? To give you guys the realization that we all have mentors and people we look up too but we have to remember, they are only people. They will probably make mistakes. It is healthy to have people that you look up too but they aren’t gods, no matter how much they say they are. Let alone is it healthy to have role models, it is even healthier to admit them. Bromance is just a word I use to describe them and it doesn’t really mean anything other than having role models. So, keep looking up to these guys but realize that they aren’t Jesus and they probably will never know you personally.


P.S. I realize I just wrote the gayest sounding thing ever to be posted on HBIH. You don’t have to remind me in the comment section.

P.S.S. When I wrote the above “P.S.” section, I wrote “the most gay sounding” and Microsoft Word reminded me the correct way to say it is “gayest”. I just wanted to tell you guys that it is awesome to see your computer say “gayest”.


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