Respected underground German technical death metal outfit Defeated Sanity get high off of heavy, technical, rhythms and this new release, Chapters of Repugnance brings them. Tons of them. The album starts out with a weird dissonant sweeping and some classic Lille Gruber drums as they all rise, and rise to their highest presence in the mix. It then continues on to some heavy some times tremolo picked, some times palm muted riffs before hitting into a massive breakdown with enough force to bore through to North Korea and kill Kim Jong-il in one fell swoop. Defeated Sanity have always had a vocalist that only half fits their style, and this continues on this release as well. AJ Magana has a less obscure brutal death metal growl than their previous vocalists, but is definitely in the same vein which is unfitting for their crazy jazz influenced sections.

The album continues in regular Defeated Sanity fashion, combining the utmost heavy, and the crazy technicality to form some sort of angry slammy jazz death machine. The ultra heavy riffing and slams are interrupted for Lille and Jacob Schmidt to unleash a rhythm section assault from hell which never cease to amaze. This album has turned brutal death metal on its side, stabbed it, raped it, and performed genetic experiments on it to create a whole new beast of their own, which will undoubtedly destroy all those in favor of heavy death metal.



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