Those Norwegian industrio-jazz metallers Shining are at it again, with a new EP! Here’s the press release, which explains it better than I ever could:

Exclusive new RMGDN track released for download

11 days ago, SHINING and ENSLAVED performed at the Roadburn Festival the last ever performance of our “Armageddon Concerto”, conceived, composed and performed with our fellow Norwegian explorers ENSLAVED. We now release the opening movement “RMGDN” as a download on all major digital stores worldwide (iTunes, eMusic, Amazon etc.).

The track “RMGDN” is the 13 minutes long opener for the Concerto, and was recorded by SHINING along with the rest of “Blackjazz”. It was of course also mixed by the eminent Sean Beavan and mastered by the impeccable Tom Baker.

“RMGDN” has only been available as a very special bonus track on a limited amount of vinyl “Blackjazz” records, and is now available as download for the first time.

This is pretty sweet. Blackjazz is an amazing album and I’m excited to hear this track, as I never got a vinyl version because I’d need to import it, and that’s too expensive for my blood. Speaking of which, I checked on iTunes. This EP is $11. That’s a little steep for 13 minutes of music, don’t you think? On second thought, I think I’ll pass on this one for a while… at least until someone uploads it.

– JR

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