I’m as big a fan of wank as the next guy. There’s nothing wrong with being flashy and showing off your technical ability; in fact, I enjoy a showcase of fretboard wizardry from time to time. However, with great power comes great responsibility. You can have all the technical ability in the world, it means absolutely nothing if you don’t put that skill to good use and write a creative album with some substance. Case in point: Brain Drill.

It is undeniable that the members of Brain Drill possess insurmountable skill and technical ability, but at times it just seems that they’re trying too hard to show off and play as fast as possible. The “WOW!” factor of Quantum Catastrophe is short lived, and once you get past the wank, there’s little that this record has to offer. Technical prowess does not make up for poor songwriting ability.

Quantum Catastrophe does have its engaging moments, however. Standout tracks “Nemesis of Neglect” and “Mercy to None” are memorable in that they are offered with just a bit more substance in terms of structure and organization, and there are moments of recognizable groove throughout, however short lived as they may be.

Brain Drill are technical for the sake of being technical, and while that may be right for some, for me it just doesn’t cut it. Quantum Catastrophe comes across as contrived and boring. When you look past the veil of wank, there’s not much else to be seen other than a mediocre death metal album. Though, if you already like tech death and Brain Drill to begin with, you know what you want and you know what you’re going to get.


Brain Drill – Quantum Catastrophe gets…


– JR


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