Well isn’t this a turn for the unexpected? Perhaps the album carries a concept set in ancient China? That would certainly be something different. Who knows? It looks cool, and the colors catch my attention.

Soilwork’s upcoming album The Panic Broadcast sees a return of founding guitarist Peter Wichers, who last performed on their 2005 album Stabbing The Drama. This is good.

Here’s the tracklist:

01. Late for the Kill, Early for the Slaughter
02. 2 Lives Worth of Reckoning
03. The Thrill
04. Deliverance Is Mine
05. Night Comes Clean
06. King of the Threshold
07. Let This River Flow
08. Epitome
09. The Akuma Afterglow
10. Enter Dog of Pavlov

The Panic Broadcast is due out June 25th on Nuclear Blast records.

– JR


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