After a long wait, The Crinn‘s full-length debut album Dreaming Saturn is finally being released TOMORROW (4/20/10) on Nuclear Blast records. Why should you care? Because it’s an awesome progressive tech metal concept album, is why. You shouldn’t have to be begged to check something like that out (and yet, here I am). To talk a little bit about the new album and what goes on in the world of The Crinn, I traded emails with Chad White for an exclusive Heavy Blog Is Heavy interview!


For those of you who don’t know, who are you and what do you do?

I’m Chad White of The Crinn, and I play bass guitar.

Labels and genres are often thrown around, to much protest by many bands out there. What do you feel about these labels (particularly “mathcore”)?

I don’t like labels, but I understand that they are necessary for people to be able to communicate effectively about everyday things, music being one of them. We have been called a lot of things, and mathcore is certainly not the most inaccurate of the lot. However, I don’t believe that we have much if any ‘core’ elements in our music, but what the fuck do I know.

Where did the name “The Crinn” come from?

“The Crinn” came from a night of drinking at a bar in Minneapolis. A mispronunciation and poor spelling of our waitress Corinn’s name, and here we are. We have beer to thank for so much. After Googling “Crinn” and finding some sci-fi short stories and the like, it really seemed like the perfect fit.

Your Nuclear Blast debut Dreaming Saturn is finally coming out! What was the deal with the huge delay?

The album was in the can July of last year. Nuclear Blast wanted time to do advanced promotion and get our name out there a bit more before releasing it, also their calendar was pretty full last fall and early this year, so we got pushed back to a more open time where it can be better promoted. Also, we are slow writers. It takes us a long time to write 15 minutes of material that we are proud enough of to showcase, let alone 45.

How did you guys get hooked up with Nuclear Blast, anyway?

Nuclear Blast came to us. Thanks guys!

From what I’ve heard of the new album, it sounds more progressive than past releases, with more experimentation and more refined songwriting. Was this a conscious effort or was it a happy accident? I’ve also heard you guys talking about using a “circular” writing style in the album’s teaser video. Tell us a bit more about that! It seems pretty interesting.

Dreaming Saturn was 100% a conscious effort. We set out in the beginning to allow our song writing style and musicianship to grow and expand. The circular writing pattern was designed to force us to keep thinking of the album as a whole. It is pretty easy to fall into a riff to riff song writing mentality if you are not careful. Though we have no desire to write verse, refrain, verse, refrain, bridge, refrain structured songs, it is nice to have moments to breathe within them. Those moments also set off the more aggressive and spastic spots in a pronounced way. We had a lot of fun with effects on the record as well, and I believe they really help fill out the sound that we are limited to with one guitarist, particularly live.

So Dreaming Saturn flows as one piece of music? And do the final moments of the album flow into the opening, making a huge loop?

Dreaming Saturn does flow as one piece of music. When we play the music live, we string it together, not necessarily all the time in order. It is interesting how many songs work together, even though they are not in sequence on the album. The end and the beginning do not form a loop however. The circular writing didn’t come that full circle.

What sort of music influences you? Any albums out right now that deserve major praise?

We are all influenced by a wide spectrum of music. It’s probably a cop out to say that we can’t really pick one specific style of major influence, but is is true. Obviously we are influenced by metal, jazz, 70’s rock and others. It would depend on which member you asked what order these things would land in. As for sick discs, I’m really into the new Cathedral, the new Daughters is out of this world, and I still can’t stop listening to Cynic.

Your music is very technically proficient. Are you guys formally trained musicians or was it just years of dicking around that made you so awesome?

I don’t know how awesome we are, but it was definitely years of dicking that made us what we are. John [vocals] goes to music school, but the rest of us are self-taught.

Sadly, music doesn’t pay the bills, especially in the metal scene. What do you (and the other guys for that matter) do for money outside of The Crinn?

Yeah, music is quite an expensive hobby. I’m an executive chef, Cole [guitar] is a prosthetic technician, John deals cars, and Chris [drums] works as a personal care assistant.

What’s your 2010 calender shaping up to look like?

2010 is shaping up rather slowly if you don’t count our first world wide release coming out, but we have a new booking agent, so we should be getting on some tours soon, obviously in the states, and hopefully Europe as well.

Do you have any sort of plan or ideal vision of what the future holds in store for you and The Crinn?

Our vision is to balance our real lives with our musical lives in a way that allows us to do both without compromise. We’ll see how far we can get.

Is there anything else you’d like to talk about that I may have missed? Anything noteworthy going on?

We are just stoked for Dreaming Saturn to be out and amongst the masses. We’ve been sleeping on the disc for so long, that we really just want to hear what people think about it. Good, bad, or otherwise.

Thank you so much for your time! I greatly appreciate it!

No problem man, thanks for your interest in us!

Dreaming Saturn is out tomorrow on Nuclear Blast Records! To get a little taste of the action, go on over to The Crinn’s MySpace to hear two songs off of the album, and hear some of their past work as well.

– JR

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