Lair of the Minotaur are one of those bands that are out there just to crush balls and provide us with the holy grail of metal, the riff. Yes, that thing a lot of bands seem to be lacking in lately. While a severe lack of ultimate riffage has been (well, not heard at least) scene about metal, Lair of the Minotaur put out a whole albums worth of face bashing, bone crushing sludge guitar and fuzz bass. A constant wall of sound is thrust upon you with the utmost ferocity, and never does it cease. Nothing on this album falls short of pure, over-the-top awesome.

With song titles like “Lets Kill These Motherfuckers” and “Riders of Skullhammer” and an album with a self titled track called “War Metal Battle Master” there’s no way you can take the lyrical themes and names of the band seriously, but damn the songs are good. From start to finish, this album just brings the super metal awesome silly double awesome triple metal that you can just bang your head to and not care. There isn’t a single dull moment here, and neither is there one on their previous releases. In layman’s, this is a purposely shallow album, but no one will ever care because the music is so fucking awesome.


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