I love me Mike Patton something fierce. I hear recent effort Mondo Cane is stellar. Fantomas‘s The Director’s Cut is a work of genius, and I nearly cacked my pants when I heard Faith No More were reforming.

I don’t know about the possibility of a new album, but their string of live shows have been pretty well received. The PRP today posted fan-shot footage of last night’s concert in San Franciso. They were joined for the encore by original vocalist Chuck Mosely.

Callin’ me a liar? Direct your eyes downwards for evidence sir.


I quote our glorious leader: “Wholly unremarkable”. Bang on.

Next to Mikey P, it’s not surprising, but the man barely moves. Come on son, bit of effort?

I’m sure it was a big coup for them, and probably better in person, but I feel it was more a gimmick than anything.

“Hey, Reggie, remember that time Chuck Mosely, former lead singer of Faith No More performed with Faith No More except it was twenty-two years after he left Faith No More?”

“Sure do Cletus, that shit was BITCHIN’!”

“Naw man, he sucked harder than your mom.”


Or something. I got nothing else to add.

– CG

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