This looks awfully similar to the cover of Priestess’ new album, doesn’t it?

If you are unfamiliar with Sky Eats Airplane, they combine a very subtle djent sound with bits of electronica. This might sound uncomfortably like that whole crabcore thing sounded like, but trust me on this; Sky Eats Airplane don’t get that bad. To be honest, they sort of come across as a less technical (and impressive) Periphery.

Their new EP, The Sound Of Symmetry, is fairly short, with three tracks clocking in just over 11 minutes long. The EP opens with “The Contour,” which starts out with a chirping and phasing electronic beat that carries over into the verse when the full band comes in. The new vocalist Bryan Zimmerman sounds uncomfortably close to pop punk when he sings, and the music doesn’t do much to break this sound, choosing simple chords in place of any sort of complex riffs. I think I remember someone telling me they were tech metal at one time. Their sound in this EP is hardly tech at all. This sounds like Hawthorne Heights with more programming and a smidge more instrumental talent. There’s a mellow section in here with some underlying guitar tapping runs and there’s even a sign of tech metal riffage thrown in, but that’s over quickly, and back into the pop punk sound from before. The screaming is pretty standard, all things considered, but the main flavor here is Zimmerman’s singing.

“Sound of Symmetry” starts with another electronic sound byte, but this time SEP decide to utilize their heavier sound. There’s even hints of guitar wank. The chorus is pretty poppy as well, but there’s a fairly simple polyrhythmic thing going on underneath the melodic singing. This carries through the rest of the song. Their heavier parts are kind of intense in this song, which is offset by the rest, which comes across as squeaky clean.

The last song, “Motion Sickness,” enters with a fairly beautiful piano played in a minor key. An stuttering electric beat fades in and out under Zimmerman’s voice. After a few measures, the full band comes in with a slowed down version of the sound that we’ve previously heard. Sadly, this song doesn’t really go anywhere or do anything else that strikes as interesting. Same as it ever was. The drumming was nice, however. Travis Orbin is a great drummer and his drumming does stand out.

Sadly, The Sound Of Symmetry is wholly unremarkable. I didn’t really feel anything when listening. I was hoping that it would grow on me with repeated listens, but there’s no such luck. The melodies aren’t very memorable and there isn’t enough technicality to keep things interesting. There are even less electronic parts. So much for being experimental. If you’re already a fan of Sky Eats Airplane, you’ll probably like this EP. If you were waiting around for them to do something a bit more impressive, then don’t waste your time here. From what I can tell, they took a bit of a backwards step.

Sky Eats Airplane – The Sound of Symmetry gets


– JR

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