Deathwish Inc., label of Converge frontman Jacob Bannon, has today posted their 2010 sampler.

It contains a shitload (accurate to the nearest Couric) of tracks (34 to be precise), many of which are previously unreleased, and totals over two hours of music.

Also included are two video trailers: on for Integrity‘s Invocation of the Blackest Curse from The Blackest Curse CD/LP, and one for Converge’s upcoming Thousands of Miles Between Us Live DVD, which I’ve kindly posted below.


Can’t wait for that one.

Shit’s also free. Always good.

Tracklisting and links below.

Deathwish Inc. - MMX

  1. Converge – Dark Horse
  2. Narrows – Recurring
  3. Integrity – Process of Illumination
  4. Blacklisted – Our Apartment is Always Empty
  5. Doomriders – Come Alive
  6. NAILS – Scum Will Rise
  7. Bitter End – Injust
  8. Rise and Fall – It’s a Long Way Down
  9. Acid Tiger – The Claw
  10. Lewd Acts – Young Lovers, Old Livers
  11. Killing the Dream – Blame the Architects
  12. Carpathian – Wanderlust
  13. 108 – God Talk
  14. Starkweather – Broken From Inside
  15. Overmars – Last Sail Sinking
  16. J. Bannon – Heavy Blood (Empty version)
  17. Eshas – Goodbye
  18. Rot in Hell – Coyotenia
  19. As We Let Go – Face Up
  20. The Rival Mob – Hardcore for Hardcore
  21. New Lows – Harvesting the Carcass
  22. 50 Lions – Winding Roads
  23. Trap Them – Pulse Mavens
  24. Mother of Mercy – Demise
  25. United Nations – Pity Animal
  26. Resurrection – Culture
  27. The Carrier – Wasted
  28. True Colors – Alone
  29. Foundation – Hand Your Head
  30. Pegasus – In My Fright
  31. End of a Year – Eddie Antar
  32. Daylight – Tart
  33. Irons – Letting Go
  34. Ceremony – CeremonyDanceParty

And I’m the only one so far to give you a tracklisting. Aren’t I nice/a sucker for typing it out?

You should know by now that Dark Horse is good. I also predict that the Narrows, NAILS, Doomriders and United Nations offerings will be pretty tasty.

Anyway, get it from your local Mediafire, Sendspace, Yousendit, or Torrent outlets, or direct from the Deathwish store.

– CG


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