Heavy Blog Is Heavy? We should have chosen the name Proggy Blog Is Heavy. It would not only be less redundant, but it’d also be more accurate, considering I choose to cover more artful, progressive bands over traditionally structured bands. I’m a huge fan of bands who aren’t afraid of doing what they want, and I like hearing music that breaks the mold.

Hunab Ku are a band I’ve covered countless (6, actually) times. Each time, I think I’ve made it clear how much this band flat out kills it. Their debut album The Gaze Inward is a strong record which, as I’ve said before, picks up the torch that The Dillinger Escape Plan and Mike Patton lit with their Irony Is A Dead Scene collaboration and sprints with it.

And now, three years later, they release The Rewiring Process, a 4 song EP that features the same technical avant-garde intensity that Hunab Ku has established for themselves. There is a similar mood that flows throughout the EP’s four tracks that tie this strange foray into alien-like weirdness with mathcore intensity together. It is dark, twisted, and schizophrenic.

In between the clusterfuck of barked vocals, mathcore riffs, wacky samples (*boing*), and frantic drumming, you’ll find creepy and haunting vocal melodies and ambient guitar lines. The opening track, “The Other I,” sums up the type of sound you’ll expect througout the EP quite nicely.


Hunab Ku put their jazz influence more up-front with the following track, “Eat Your Young”, especially in the guitar playing, which screams of jazz fusion. The drum line and sampled saxophone during the atmospheric portion of the song and outro also lend themselves to jazz music. More crazy samples and maddening Mike Patton inspired vocal delivery end the song.

“The Ventriloquist” opens with more creepy atmosphere and sung vocals. Progressive metal guitar riffs and a Meshuggah-like groove set this song apart from the rest of the pack. That guitar solo is something to behold as well. Bass takes a stronger presence in this song, especially in the later half. Black metal-esque tremolo picking and “holy shit” drumming close this song.

The EP’s final track “Circling The Drain” is an eerie, yet fitting closer. Vocalist Mike Gilmore harmonizes with a delayed guitar track and a building ambient presence to make something truly haunting.

Overall, this EP is superb. If you’re used to strange technical and progressive  music and can appreciate it, it’s an outstanding musical accomplishment. If you’re into more straightforward music, then this will leave you scratching your head. This music isn’t for everyone, and Hunab Ku knows that. And you know what? It’s a damn shame.

Hunab Ku – The Rewiring Process gets…


– JR


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