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A couple days ago I ordered Cormorant‘s albums The Last Tree and Metazoa since I couldn’t hold out for the Metazoa vinyl to come out if it ever does. Arthur sent them out Tuesday and I got them today (Wednesday). So, not only did he ship that shit quick as tits but he threw in some small extra stuff (a sticker (the package already comes with one), a Greg Nelson business card, and a note) because I do awesome things. Besides the fact that Arthur is an outstanding man, the albums are fantastic. As noticeable the artwork is gorgeous. Especially the Metazoa digipack by Julie Dillon. The quality increase on The Last Tree is outstanding (just as amazing as the music quality). To put all this bluntly, buy their shit. Their dedication to fans is absurd and the album covers are amazingly done, especially for just being CDs.



Buy Their Stuff // Julie Dillon


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