As you may have seen around the net on sites such as Metalsucks and The Number Of The Blog, Tre Watson, guitarist of Maryland band Carthage, is making his presence known by emailing all of us about his album (see? the contact page works!).

Taking inspiration in projects from guitarists Keith Merrow, Misha Monsoor, and Tosin Abasi, Tre decided to write, record, program, and produce an album, Lexicon of the Human Subconscious, and release it online for free! The album is making rounds across metal circles, as I’ve posted above, so all the traffic the file is getting is making is slow (or even inaccessible.) I decided to put my unlimited bandwidth to good use and offer up a mirror/stream for Tre, not only for those who want to download it from another source, but to those who want to hear it before they download.

Check out the full album below. If you feel compelled enough to donate to Tre so he can fix his broken guitar (FFFFFUUUU-), you can do that RIGHT HERE.

1. Dilate

2. UFAILien


4. Charmander Used Flamethrower!

5. MFT

6. Tears of the Almighty

7. Image Construction Error (Feat. Dan Park)

8. Hopefully Working

9. Breach of Consent

10. Conflicting Intentions

11. Telephone (Lady Gaga cover) (Bonus Track)

Download the whole album here in an archive here. (72 MB, Uploaded by deseee from TNOTB)

– JR


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