The hype behind Whitechapel in the scene today is crazy. I don’t understand it, really. I guess there’s something I’m not getting, but when I hear Whitechapel, I don’t really hear much of anything special at all. My main gripe about them, however, is the need for three guitarists. Oh great, one-note breakdowns played through three guitars. Talk about overkill.

In any case, Whitechapel posted the album artwork to their new album, A New Era Of Corruption, seen above. Here’s the tracklist:

01. Devolver
02. Breeding Violence
03. The Darkest Day of Man
04. Reprogrammed to Hate
05. End of Flesh
06. Unnerving
07. A Future Corrupt
08. Prayer of Mockery
09. Murder Sermon
10. Nercomechanical
11. Single File to Dehumanization
12. Animus (digital and vinyl bonus track)

Chino Moreno from Deftones is on the album somewhere, surely to be a highlight. I don’t know how they fit him on there, but I hope he does his clean mellow vocals, because that’d be crazy over deathcore.

Welp, the album is out June 8th on Metal Blade records if you care enough.

– JR

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