Chances are, you’re on this website because you love yourself some heavy music. It’s been my experience that fans of metal are hugely devoted to the genre, and regard their music of choice as true art. Of course, some music is more artful than others. I’m sure there wont be too much debate when I say The Dillinger Escape Plan are more artsy than Slayer. Still, when an outsider scoffs at us and writes metal off as a bunch of racket and pissed off yelling, then the metal community as a whole is outraged.

Indeed, metal can be art. Case in point: French experimental metal band Hypno5e, who are hot off the heels of their successful Metal As Art Tour with Revocation and The Binary Code. At the time of this writing, Hypno5e are busy recording their second album. However, the main focus of my writing today is on their debut album Des Deux L’une Est L’autre, released back in 2007. How it took me three years to hear this album is beyond me, but I’m glad I was finally able to experience this album.

Hypno5e market themselves as “ambient metal and video concept.” Video concept? Well yeah, as all the members went to film school and are professional film makers. Here’s a video for their song “Daybreak at Slaughterhouse”, directed by guitarist and vocalist Emmanuel Jessua.


With that in mind, it’s no wonder that Des Deux L’une Est L’autre (which, by the way, means “Of The Two, One Is The Other” in English) feels like the soundtrack to a noir film that sadly doesn’t exist; and just as a film should be watched all the way through, this album should be enjoyed as one whole piece, as I’m sure it was intended.

There are two sides to Hypno5e: beautifully ambient and atmospheric serenity and intense brutality. Very few bands could pull of this dichotomy, but Hypno5e are masters of their craft. This is a very elaborate and dynamic album, every detail fully realized. Des Deux… has it’s fair share of haunting moments, with dreamy minor melodicism with sampled audio clips and beautifully tortured singing creating a dark atmosphere that forebodes the powerfully crushing moments of extreme metal like an unsettling calm before the storm kicks in. The riffs that these guys come up with are, for the lack of a better word, meaty. Huge, bassy, crushing, fast. Very satisfying. At times, Hypno5e get super technical and mathy with their riffs, with Jessua’s intense screaming creating a sound reminiscent of Sikth.

Hypno5e fuse these two styles with a purpose. It’s not just random passages thrown together as some of the other progressive bands out there nowadays seem to be doing. The music is very organic, living and breathing as it’s own entity and runs it’s course without being forced. The transitions are smooth and feel natural. The music has it’s ebbs and bows, and again drawing film-like feel, has rising and falling actions with climactic moments.

This may have been said before, but Hypno5e are the future of metal. Progressive music is taking the spotlight more and more these days, and metal fans are looking for something that’s moving and inspired, and Des Deux L’une Est L’autre is exactly that. Excellent albums like this don’t just happen every day (apparently, at least once every three years). If you’ve never heard of Hypno5e, or made the mistake of putting off listening to this album, you’re missing out on some of the best that the metal genre has to offer. No amount of verbose I try to come up with will do this album justice. This is a masterpiece that needs to be heard, so stop reading and go listen. It’s the best movie you’ll ever listen to.

Hypno5e – Des Deux L’une Est L’autre gets…

5/5 | Amazing!

– JR


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