Why is it that good bands (ie, Refused) stay broken up and bands nobody particularly cared much about from the 90s and early 00’s are suddenly coming back. It’s been happening left and right. I’m afraid the 10’s will see a nu-revival.

The band in question today? Orgy, the industrial band who were signed to Korn’s Elementree Records label and generally had nothing to contribute to music as a whole.


Nothing is 100% yet, but Ryan Shuck, the group’s guitarist, mentioned Orgy when speaking on tour plans with Julien-K and Dead By Sunrise.

From Blabbermouth:

“I probably shouldn’t say a lot of about this, but I’ve kind of got a stick up my ass about doing something with Orgy,” Ryan can be heard saying in the clip, which is available for viewing below. “We’re gonna be doing a tour — Julien K — most likely, I’d say, in June, maybe after, in Europe, and if we do something with Orgy, that means we will have played a full tour with three different bands in one year. Pretty awesome. All original bands, all original content. It’s starting to become a sort of a challenge and something I really wanna do.”


Just what we need, more mediocre industrial music with three chords and electronic buzz. Nine Inch Nails should start touring again in a few years out of spite.

– JR


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