Whoever told Munky to put on face paint should be punched in the dick.

In a move that makes the most sense out of any of the news I’ve read today, Blabbermouth reported that Jonathan Davis confirmed rumors that Korn have signed to Roadrunner Records, home to big name metal bands Slipknot, Stone Sour, Soulfly, Killswitch Engage, DevilDriver, Trivium, and more.

Speaking on the move, Jonathan said in an interview with KQXR radio in Boise, Idaho:

“We’re going to be going with Roadrunner, but that’s all so fun. I’m really excited to be doing this because they’re one of the last real record labels left that lets bands do what they want to do. And all the great bands they’ve had on that label… it seems like a good home for us right now.”

Their upcoming album, Korn III – Remember Who You Are is due out this summer. I’ll admit I’m actually kind of excited about this album, as it’s supposed to be a return to the sound of their first couple of albums. And before you judge me and call me out, don’t forget that we were all blasting Korn in the 90’s. Korn was my first stepping stone into the world of metal, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who would be stuck listening to some other garbage if Korn hadn’t come along. I just happen to be more comfortable admitting it, I guess.

So there’s that. Bitch and moan now if you want, but remember, it’s Roadrunner Records. They signed Nickelback.

– JR

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