You’d be hard pressed to find anything cooler than Mike Patton and a full orchestra doing covers of Italian pop songs. If there’s anything out there more awesome, please let me know.

Here’s the tracklist to Mondo Cane, Mike Patton’s tribute to classic Italian pop music.

1. Il Cielo In Una Stanza
2. Che Notte!
3. Ore D’Amore
4. Deep Down
5. Quello Che Conta
6. Urlo Negro
7. Scalinatella
8. L’Uomo Che Non Sapeva Amare
9. 20 KM Al Giorno
10. Ti Offro Da Bere
11. Senza Fine


The album drops May 4th, but in the mean time, you can watch them perform the above songs an more via this youtube playlist. Get classy!

– JR


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