Aussie post-jazz-prog-metal band Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving have made a new single, “Contextually Inept”, available online for free. The track was named as such because it didn’t fit in with the music on their upcoming album, due out at some point in 2010.

“Contextually Inept” is a great song, especially if you’re in an atmospheric and post-rock kinda mood. Tangled Thoughts Of Leaving are definitely great for journey music. I’d highly recommend this if you’re a fan of the experimental and instrumental side of metal, like Scale The Summit or Animals as Leaders. The song has a great dynamic aspect to it, transforming and flowing through a great soundscape throughout it’s 7 minutes and into a building climax.

You can download the new single, as well as other releases from TTOL for free right here. DOWNLOAD IT, YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

– JR


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