I’ve mentioned before that there are decent number of awesome bands – certainly more than our fair share – where I come from.

So far I’ve mentioned AZWAI and Mother Dirt, who in my opinion are the best of the bunch. Although not my favourites, the next band on my list – one Deacon Birch – are probably the best known, and certainly draw the largest crowds. Their shows are always a blast, especially when you throw the first two into the mix in a very small room with an extremely low ceiling.

They’ve not released a huge amount – mainly just a split 7″ with the now defunct Emerald Eye (the tracks from which are available on their Myspace) – but the song I wanted to share with you today is probably their best, and it is charmingly titled Corpses in the Walls.

From what I can gather, it’s an homage to Norma Jean‘s Murderotica (An Avalanche in D Minor), but with their own twist on the lyrics.

The video is pretty rad too, put together by the vocalist of Mother Dirt in fact. This is the kind of environment our musicians write and practice in; bands of the world take note!


– CG


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