Periphery have posted the album version of “The Walk” on their Myspace page. It’s definitely one of the heavier Periphery songs we’ve heard so far, with no hyper-melodic singing at all, just screams and growls from new vocalist Spencer Sotelo. “The Walk” also features a cool Cynic-esque jazzy guitar solo. It’s a great song that you should check out.

Periphery’s debut self-titled album comes out 4/20, and will rock socks off across the globe via Sumerian Records. They’ve also set up pre-orders, all of which include an instrumental version of the album (probably to make it easier to audition future vocalists. Zing!) Seriously though, I’m a sucker for instrumental versions. I’ve got Between The Buried And Me‘s Alaska in instrumental, which I enjoy singing along to. There’s no doubt that Periphery would be fun to sing, even with a talent. Just make sure you’re alone so you don’t embarrass yourself.

– JR


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