Back at the end of February, I pretty much pulled the exact tracklist for Cynic’s Re-Traced out of my ass. How it got up there, I’ll never know. (Actually, it was in the tags for the teaser video on YouTube, so I just put two and two together.)

So at any rate, here’s the tracklist and the artwork for Cynic’s upcoming Re-Traced EP, which includes 4 reinterpretations of songs from 2008’s Traced In Air as well as a new song, “Wheels Within Wheels”, which we heard live before.

1. Space
2. Evolutionary
3. King
4. Integral
5. Wheels Within Wheels

Frontman Paul Masvidal described the sound as “part ‘sci-fi prog folk,’ part psychedelic rock, part minimalist restraint.” This sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. Judge for yourself with this teaser clip they released last month.


Re-Traced is due out May 17th.

– JR


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