Spanish brutal death metal band Wormed have thrown their new demo/promo CD out on the internet for you to hear. If you are unfamiliar with the band, their style of brutal death is very distinct. The guitar work on the first album Planisphaerium was muddied in the mix, while Phlegeton’s crazy angry frog vocals slurred away against a solid rhythm section. The brutality achieved by the band was purposeful and didn’t feel forced. The debut full length had a few unexpected sections, such as a very post-rock section in the song “Geodesic Dome”. All the riffs were masterfully constructed with a odd timing and sound. This bizarre sound is continued on the demo Quasineutrality with a early Immolation sounding structure. Peep the new songs “Uncolored Plasma Orifices Transported” and “Undeciphering the Inquantificability” on their myspazzzzz.



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