High on Fire have premiered their new video for “Frost Hammer” over at Pitchfork. The song comes off of their new album Snakes for the Divine, which is a pretty awesome record if you haven’t given it a listen for some reason. It’s a cool video, and has exactly what you expect from the performance footage: Matt Pike without a shirt. Seriously, does he ever appear fully clothed? I saw High on Fire perform live on Gigantour ’08 and he didn’t wear a shirt then either. Weird. But he can pull it off, because he’s fucking Matt Pike and will ruin your shit if you look at him the wrong way. I read somewhere that he beat Mastodon’s Brent Hinds in a drunken fistfight. This guy is the physical embodiment of metal.

Anyway, without further digression here’s the video, which is apparently an “epic tale of a warrior’s sojourn to the cold and barren Plateau of Leng where he secures the fabled Frost Hammer that will be used to enact the final rites and complete the dark rebirth and reign of the Frost Child.” Awesome.

– JR

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