Word on the street has it that Killswitch Engage frontman Howard Jones had to skip out on their last tour, not because of a health problem, but because he knocked up pornstar Allie Foster.

According to Foster’s twitter account, she is about four months pregnant and Howard is the father. And apparently, Howard tried convincing Foster to get an abortion. And to make matters worse for Howard, TMZ is wanting a story.

Howard Jones of Killswitch engage, meet TMZ and your bitter baby momma coming with sweet sweet fuckin revenge you dirtbag


So, cheating on your wife with a pornstar and getting her pregnant, then suggesting she get an abortion? Howard has really stepped in it. This is all completely unverified by a source other than her, though. She could be some attention whore wanting to make Howard look bad for all we know… but geez, Howard. Way to be the Tiger Woods of metal.

– JR



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