As you may or (most likely) may not know, I’ve written about The Crinn during the early days of HBIH. As a refresher, The Crinn are a mathcore band based out of St. Paul, Minnesota.

From the band’s bio on MySpace:

The Crinn’s self titled EP came to light in the spring of 2007, and after touring the south east to support the EP, The Crinn signed a digital distribution deal with the now defunct record label Corrosive Recordings. This signing allowed the band to greatly expand the reach of their music.

Shortly after the signing with Corrosive, The Crinn and drummer Corey parted ways, which led to the introduction of Chris Zugschwert. He learned the EP in only a few months, then The Crinn embarked on a west coast tour that took them throughout the south, up the west coast and back home to Minnesota.

Upon returning to St. Paul, The Crinn began work on the writing of their next release, “Dreaming Saturn”. In November of 2008, they were offered a record deal by Nuclear Blast to record their next album.

The album, Dreaming Saturn, was promoted as being released on October 19th, 2009 on Nuclear Blast. The year went on and the world of The Crinn went practically silent. The calendar rolled over to 2010 and I’ve yet to hear any new music or word of Dreaming Saturn.

That was until recently when they posted a new song “Man Eating Machine” on their MySpace page. The page also claims that Dreaming Saturn will be out Spring 2010. As far as I can tell, there isn’t an official date set, but they’re having an album release show on April 24th.

Finally, the album is within sight. The idea of Dreaming Saturn is fairly interesting. It’s a concept album, written as one singular piece of music broken up into tracks for the album (as you can tell on Man Eating Machine where it seems to randomly cut off). They used what they call “circular songwriting” with a lot of “ebbs and bows and ups and downs”. The Crinn have stepped up the songwriting by including more varying passages to break up the chaos and the new material sometimes has a more subtle melodic side, while maintaining the twisted technicality.

I think that Dreaming Saturn will surprise the people that hear it, and even has the ability to be a contender as being one of the best albums of the year. That is, if it ever comes out.

– JR


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